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This book is about an evil virus that came through from the central African rain forest, it appears in the suburbs of Washington D.C.
The inhabitants of this state are scared out of their minds, . This book tells the story of a lethal virus that will kill everyone it encounters; it is airborne and causes a severe rash that breaks out in postules.
who ever reads this is going to be on the edge of their seat. They will discover what being attacked by a virus is described according to a first person perspective. The main character of this story is a female, her name is Jane, she has to wear a spacesuit but frets about doing

Page 145 in the Hot Zone:

The Kitum Cave Expedition set up headquarters in the Mount Elgon Lodge, a decayed resort dating from the nineteen twenties, when the English had ruled East Africa. The lodge had been built for sporting people and trout fishermen.